Sunday, March 24, 2013

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you have to overcome the rain."

  Yesterday started like any other Saturday, we fed the kids breakfast, got ready for the day and checked FB. Mr. Holland had a busy week and he wanted to go do something. It was a surprise on where we were going. Normally everyone is ok with this type of road trip, but with Tink med free, we didn't know what to expect. 

  We got in the van as Mr. Holland followed us in his car to Horsey's house, Hulk & Doc were going to spend the day with her so we could spend some needed time with Mr. Magnificent & Tink. We said our goodbye's and joined Mr. Holland in the car. Tink was full of questions, "When will we be there?", "Why do we have to go?" I know that she has a hard time with transitioning and other new situations, so I reassured her that everything was ok and asked her what she saw out her window. The anticipation was driving her nuts, the car ride was too long and the stims were taking over.

 When we finally got there I was very excited - I had never been to an Ikea before! What was waiting for us inside would wind up being too overwhelming for some. For those who have never been, you start of by grabbing a bag, a pencil and a shopping list. Then you ride the escalator to the show rooms. Here is where Tink's anxiety (and mine) kicked into overdrive....people were everywhere!  Neither of us knew what to expect next, so we walked quickly to the next room, which was not any better.  As an adult, I am able to control how I look on the outside, but still feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on the inside (I found myself picking my fingers which I hadn't done since our diet change).  As for Tink... It was another story. She began to jump & chew on her sleeve and fingers. This behavior was definitely one to put in the book of firsts. Not knowing what to do or how to help her with coping in this situation, we just linked arms and moved on. Ten minutes in, I was much better and was able to shop a bit...Tink was still having a tough time.  The stims continued throughout the store. I have no idea if anyone was staring, but at that point I didn't care!  With lunchtime upon us, Tink made it known she was hungry and needed a break to eat. 

 After we ate, I wanted to start from the beginning again to see what we missed the first time through. Checking out the showrooms was much better.  Tink and I made it through with linked arms, a few giggles and a jump here and there!

  The lower part of Ikea is where you can buy the little things - lamps, plants, and cooking utensil. The next area is the warehouse where you pick up your large items.....another visual stimulating place!  Large ceiling fans, highly stacked boxes and people going in all different directions.  As I stopped to take a random picture of one of ceiling fans, a man walking by chuckled at me.....yes, I'm a tourist! 

  After we had checked out, we headed to the parking lot still linked arm in arm as buddies. Even though the day had some unexpected challenges, we spent it as a family and shared them together.   

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An apple a day...Wait! What? it makes my kid go crazy!

Almost a 4 weeks on the Feingold diet - We were doing great, and then Tink's school thinks they're doing an awesome thing by handing her an APPLE!  Well.. she came bombing in the house after school, loud and obnoxious as can be. Couldn't sit still and her journal said she was jumping a lot in school. She told me the"heathy"snack was.....apples. They are a no-no on stage 1 of FG. I was amazed (still a little shocked) that some kids are THAT sensitive to salicylic acid. I will definitely be packing her a healthy snack from now on... She did calm down just in time for bed by the way.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New changes..for the better.

In Dec my husband had surgery for reoccurring polyps and was diagnosed with Samter's triad. He was told to follow a salicylic acid free diet. At the same time our kids were very hyper (two on ADHD medication) and I was leaning toward trying the Feindgold diet.  So on February 22nd we purged our cabinets and haven't looked back. At first shopping was overwhelming for us. - Searching through our new "bible" to see if a product was approved while Tink, Hulk and Doc were running up and down aisles. Cold lunches would soon be added to the daily routine as well.  

Mr. Holland and I noticed a calmness come over us after about one weeks fully on it. As for the kiddos it took them about 3 weeks.  I love spending my weekends with them now. - Normally our weekends would consist of shipping some of them to Horsey's house aka grandma.  They are happier & calmer than I have seen them in a long time. 

Last Friday I decided (with Doctors ok) to try and take Tink off her ADHD medication (Vyvance). - We suspect that she does not have ADHD, but may have SPD. We have tried this in the past, unsuccessfully. The weekend went very well (to my surprise), but Monday was what I was dreading. What would her journal say when she got home that afternoon?! - I had this on my mind all day. When she got home not only did her journal say "Great Day!", But her report card also had improvements since last quater. Yay! Happy day. 

It's really scary! - the stuff they say is "OK" to put in foods and in cleaning & hygiene supplies these days. Artificial colors, flavors, fragrances and sweeteners.  None of this NEEDS to be in what we consume or use, SO why is it? How many more children NEED to be diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, SPD and many other issues and problems till they stop adding it?! Just food for thought....