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Being an ASD parent has taught me how to be really good at waiting.

Waiting on lists for assessments, specialists and the official diagnosis.
Waiting for insurance companies to except and then waiting for the services start.

Waiting for words, just a few. 

Waiting for those amazing moments that your child presents to you as a gift, like saying "I love you!"or when they give you a hug. 

Waiting in traffic on the way home from therapies at least once a week. 

Waiting to celebrate that your home is now diaper free, our day will come. 

Waiting for your child to feel comfortable in their own environment or at least in their own skin.

Waiting for a meltdown to subside, wishing you could fix or understand what caused it. 
Waiting for the storm to pass or better yet..learning to dance in it.

Waiting for your child to engage and make a true friend. 

Waiting for your child to try some new foods, because you're so tired of making Anne's pasta or cold oatmeal every night. 

Waiting for the day when she realize how amazing she truly is. 

Waiting to be invited…

Preparing for the future

For the past week I have been trying to keep my mind off the results of Doc's evaluation, still waiting for the phone call.      I have been working on some ideas for the new sensory/therapy room. Sensory bins are wonderful hands on fun for many ages including toddlers and preschoolers! Many skills can be learned and explored through sensory bin play including social and emotional communication, literacy, fine motor skills, and more! Sensory bins provide an outlet for children to engage in a meaningful way and also receive sensory input that their little minds and bodies crave.     Exploring through touch and feel can be a positive experience for most children. Sensory input from sensory bins works with your child's nervous system. Some fillers may be preferable to others, so don't give up trying! Let your child be your guide! Use a sensory bin to talk with your child about what he or she is sensing! Great communication and self-awareness activity. What do you see? How does …

The unknowing..

Today Tink met with the neuropsych. It's such a great feeling when you find a professional that is on your side and understands. I wish we found him years ago.Her testing will begin later on this month. On the way home my emotions flooded out, I hate getting upset in front of people. I don't want their sympathy, I don't want their pity, but sometimes even adults have meltdowns! 

Last night everything finally hit me like a punch to the gut. A week of high meltdowns from Doc, waiting for her results from the eval for an official diagnosis, worrying about getting her into an appropriate preschool and Tink's neuropsych finally boiled over in head. My mind is my worse enemy! I know this. I am a little better now. The fact that I have support through all this helps, a lot!
Tomorrow we go to meet a potential preschool for Doc. Her challenges are aggression, sensory needs, and potty regression. In a regular preschool setting will she succeed? I don't know. All we can do is …