Friday, August 22, 2014

Being an ASD parent has taught me how to be really good at waiting.

Waiting on lists for assessments, specialists and the official diagnosis.

Waiting for insurance companies to except and then waiting for the services start.

Waiting for words, just a few. 

Waiting for those amazing moments that your child presents to you as a gift, like saying "I love you!"or when they give you a hug. 

Waiting in traffic on the way home from therapies at least once a week. 

Waiting to celebrate that your home is now diaper free, our day will come. 

Waiting for your child to feel comfortable in their own environment or at least in their own skin. 

Waiting for a meltdown to subside, wishing you could fix or understand what caused it. 

Waiting for the storm to pass or better yet..learning to dance in it.

Waiting for your child to engage and make a true friend. 

Waiting for your child to try some new foods, because you're so tired of making Anne's pasta or cold oatmeal every night. 

Waiting for the day when she realize how amazing she truly is. 

Waiting to be invited into their world.  

Waiting for your child to fall asleep and hoping for a good night. 

Waiting in any drive-thru is the best (for now), because transitioning is evil!  

Waiting for them to process and understand what we are doing for the day before leaving house. 

Waiting for her favorite show to come on, because that's the only time you can comb her hair and if you're lucky maybe cut her nails. 

Waiting for the world to show awareness and much needed acceptance!